Fall-A-Thon Results So Far!!!

Congratulations!  773 ROLLS!!

Check out the individual fundraiser pages and videos below.  You can still donate to your favorites!

KidsClass Members…

Adults’ Class Members…

Other Supporters…

We had 10 fired-up kids who in about 15 minutes, did a total of 773 rolls!!

It was so exciting to see all the members and their families, along with volunteers, board members, and local philanthropists like Larry Crandell, Sr.!

We haven’t received all the pledges yet, so we’re not sure of the total funds raised or who the winners are in that category, but we do of course, have the results of how many rolls each kid did:


1st place: Adrien Lape-Hoyle – 167 rolls!!

2nd place: Javier Paredes – 102 rolls!!

3rd place: Dario Cordero: 101!!

Honorable Mentions:

    • Kai Zukor: 78
    • Bryan Castillo: 75
    • Erwin Cordero: 60
    • Leo Glikbarg: 52
    • Calista Volker: 49
    • Michael Frantz: 47
    • Zaira Paredes: 42

Funds Raised So Far

Participants have until Saturday, October 2nd at midnight to collect and turn in their pledges.  Once all the pledges have been turned in and calculated, we’ll announce the final winners!

(If you’d like to donate to a child, there’s still time!  Click on your favorite in the list of names to the right…!)

So far…

Funds gathered from kids’ straight donations (online & otherwise) and pledges so far:

    • 1st place: Bryan Castillo: $195.50
    • 2nd place: Adrien Lape-Hoyle: $184.35
    • 3rd place: Leo Glickbarg: $142
    • 4th place: Dario Cordero: $122
    • 5th place: Erwin Cordero: $116.15
    • 6th place: Kai Zukor: $100
    • 7th place: Michael Frantz: $80
    • 8th place: Calista Volker: $25

Food & Drink Donations

Official printer for the Fall-A-Thon

- If you’d like to contribute, please contact us at 805-870-5437 or email us at Fall-A-Thon@aksb.org -

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