Win-Win-Win for Restaurants & Coffee Shops

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Want to support a great cause, while getting positive exposure for your business?  Here’s how…

Let’s say that at your coffee shop, the pooled tips on a really good day, come to $100.  Your shop and AKSB put out the word that on such-and-such a day, after reaching $100, you’ll be donating x% of all additional tips to AKSB.  You could do the fundraising for just one specific day, a couple days, or a specified week.

  • We promote your business.
  • Your staff earn more tips. 
  • You help us raise awareness and funds.

Everyone wins.

Just tell us:

  1. How much you get in tips on a good day.
  2. What percentage you’d like to donate to AKSB after that amount is reached.
  3. When you’d like to run the fundraiser.

We will:

  • Put out the word, urging people to go to your shop/restaurant during that time and tip as generously as they possibly can
    • AKSB Mailing & Social Media Lists (10,000+ people)
    • Press Release (100+ media pro’s)
  • Supply a flyer or sign for your shop, explaining what we do in the community – why it’s a worthy cause. (reasons listed here:
  • Business owner: Promote it on your mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.
  • Staff: Let your friends know about it via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.
  • 805 870-5437

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