Final Count: 10-Year-Old Jacob Raises $1,350

Congratulations, Jacob!  And thank you for supporting the dojo and its mission!


Last updated: August 12th, 2011, 17:00pm PDT



  • Paradise Found: Santa Barbara, California, USA


  • Anonymous: Costa Mesa, California, USA
  • James & Loretta Dominguez: Ventura, California, USA
  • Sarah Villarama: Ventura, California, USA
  • Sandra Mahony: California, USA
  • Dan Benishek: California, USA
  • Lee Kephart: California, USA
  • Stacy Maldonado: California, USA
  • Armando Dominguez: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Jadyn Jenkins: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Pricilla Luna: Camarillo, California, USA
  • Suzie Dominguez: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Teddi Sanchez: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Carla Miller: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • R. E. Seider: Carpinteria, California, USA
  • Frances Fragosa: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Lee Kephart: Carpinteria, California, USA
  • Nancy Trinkle: Souderton, Pennsylvania, USA

We cannot display this gallery

We cannot display this gallery

If you donated, but were not included on this recognition page, you probably opted for the default “no public recognition” when you made your donation.  Please  contact us immediately at 805-870-5437 so that we can add you right away!

Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara is a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation.

All contributions are appreciated and gratefully accepted.

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