Volunteering at Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara is an enriched experience for me…

Aikido is fun! It helps build a community by helping people build themselves. Its key elements are physical discipline, happiness, flexibility, harmony, strength and agility. Aikido, a sanctuary for soul-centered evolution, leads us to the path of spiritual transcendence and transformation. Thus, volunteering at Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara is an enriched experience for me. At the dojo, I enjoy meeting different Aikido practitioners, working with Lia, and collaborating with other interns. I have gained a better understanding of how a non-profit organization works and how to more efficiently & more effectively accomplish its administration & bookkeeping tasks.

Knowing how to fall properly is an essential self-defense skill that inspires us to explore our potentiality. I believe that Aikido is about the community: It brings people together and fosters positive interaction between each other.  I have practiced yoga for over four years and I would love to try Aikido. I think that Aikido can incorporate some philosophy and movements from other sports, such as Yoga, Taiji & Qigong, all of which help us reconcile our inner world with the external material world.


和气道追求人与外界,人与自然,人与内在世界的和谐,快乐,灵活和力量。它好像一展明灯引领着我们飞翔在广阔的蓝天中,找寻真正的自我和灵魂。 “以柔克刚”,“借劲使力”,“不主动攻击” 是和气道的特点。 在圣塔巴巴拉合气道馆,我一次又一次地被这种独特的日本武术深深地震撼,我认为这是真正的合气道。 场下练习者们和善可亲,场上他们展现着惊人的耐力和毅力 – 他们正在逐渐成长蜕变着…

在这里实习带给我很大的快乐和充实感。在和这里的馆长Lia  的交流中,我进一步了解了非营利性机构的经营模式和账目的管理方式;在和其他实习者的合作中,我锻炼了自己的社交能力;在日常的工作中,我增强了自己的办事能力和效率。


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