Santa Barbara High School Presentation

Martial arts demonstration at high schoolMonday, the 23rd, I had the opportunity to venture to Santa Barbara High School to help with a presentation about Aikido.  Going to the high school, being in only 8th grade, was a humbling experience for me but I had fun.

The feedback from the students was great and Sensei and I could tell they wanted to learn more. We went to 3 classes: rooms 23, 208, and 68, giving a 20 minute presentation and Q&A sessopm to each. Almost everyone was curious and wanted to learn more.

People seemed a little disappointed when they learned that we would not be doing a demonstration, which is why I think it would be a good idea to go back another time and give them a demonstration, which I think would help encourage some people to at least give Aikido a try.

I coud tell many people enjoyed it and wanted to both learn and see more. Overall, I think the trip was a success and would love to go back another time.

Check out these photos from the presentations!

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