Teen’s Perspective: Dreams and Goals for 2013

As the 2012 year ends and we get ready to enter the realm of 2013, it’s pretty common for people to set some goals for the new year so I’ll lay down some for myself.

Recently, between school, personal life, and my leadership position at AKSB, it gets a bit harder to manage all these things. While the most tempting thing to do for me is to just resign from leadership team and not have to worry about it, my goal is to try and fulfill my obligations and finish out my second term. While our dojo is growing pretty healthily, it doesn’t hurt to hope and try to make it grow and develop quicker and better than it is.

It seems like every time I look at what my goals and dreams are for the dojo, one of them has to do with how I handle the kids classes. I’ve noticed that recently, I’ve been able to get through to them more by establishing myself as not just an authority figure, but as a figure they trust and are comfortable around, and i hope to be able to continue in this direction so we can have better, funner, and more enjoyable classes this next year.

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